A-OK Workshops

A-OK NZ - Acts of Kindness that build life-supporting communities.

A-OK NZ is a NZ provider of quality, internationally recognised training that enables people to be able to have life-supporting conversations.  Our frameworks are tested and have been proven to work in preventing suicide. These frameworks are proven to help support people even if suicide is not a concern.  

We offer a range workshops to meet your organisational training needs.  

Life-supporting conversations support people, that we intuitively sense are in need of support, help, or just need someone to listen.  Most people want to help and most people, in hard times, want some kind of support to help them figure out what they need.  

We believe anyone can have life-supporting conversations.

We believe in working together.

We need more community-led solutions to build life-supporting communities.

We believe that life-supporting conversations will anchor community-led solutions that will build life-supporting communities.

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