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The AOK Hero workshop develops student resilience to effectively deal with tough times.  The workshop objectives:

1. Self-acceptance - Rangatahi realise how important they are to our communities and how valuable their contributions are. 

2. The importance of protecting themselves and having strategies to be able to manage overwhelming, life threatening events such as depression, suicide, self-harm, abuse, rape etc.

3. Understand self-talk that is destructive and ascertain strategies to cope with destructive self-talk.

4. Self-awareness of events that could impact on them adversely and being aware of their own signs or cries for help

5. Identify who they can connect within their community, whanau, peers, school to be able to access help

6. As a peer, being alert to someone’s cry for help and know how to connect them to someone who can help in the school, community, sports, church etc

This workshop is designed for those ‘seeking help’ and those ‘giving help’ within the school setting.

 The 4-6 hour workshops covers the following Sessions:

  1. MADD Messenger presentation on self-acceptance
  2. UTALK
  3. Emotional expressions
  4. Whats in your Bag?
  5. Connections
  6. Be a help heroe!!!



  • MADD messenger – incorporation of music, art, drama and dynamic story telling techniques that engage our young audiences.
  • Interactive learning
  • Use of various mediums such as tactile learning, music, art, drama and dance.
  • Experienced facilitators to deilver these sessions to students.
  • Fun, engaging, hightened learning
  • Experienced, registered and specialised trained staff to ensure student safety.

For more info: www.a-ok.nz/hopeheroes

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  • Hope Heroes - Help Seeking

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