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ASIST 11 TuneUp is a half-day seminar for improving participant comfort, confidence, and competence in using the Pathway for Assisting Life or PAL. The purpose of the TuneUp is the consolidation and refinement of previous learning. Only for participants who attended ASIST 11, the TuneUp cannot be used for trainers who wish to upgrade to ASIST 11, nor is it a tool for trainer reactivation. Information on those processes is available here.

The TuneUp is designed to be facilitated by active, experienced, interactively-skilled ASIST 11 Trainers in good standing. Trainers are expected to be working with the most current version: ASIST 11.1. Following the steps in the ASIST 11 TuneUp Guide, one trainer can offer the TuneUp to up to 30 participants, although 12-20 is preferred. 

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