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suicide2HOPE - 1 day

Why recovery and growth?

Recovery and growth through painful experiences is a common goal in medicine. It has increasingly shaped expectations in mental health but has yet to be systematically applied to suicide care. suicide to Hope helps participants:

Create hope by affirming that suicide experiences can be life-changing if people keep safe and choose to live;
Assist people to work through suicide toward achievable recovery and growth goals; and
Integrate suicide care into recovery approaches to mental health and wellbeing. 

Workshop process and objectives

The workshop’s goal is to encourage and enable participants to apply a recovery and growth oriented approach to working with persons previously at risk and currently safe from suicide. Through interactive learning and practice, participants will learn to:

  • Reflect on their qualities as helpers—the beliefs, values and attitudes they bring to the helping relationship—and how these impact on the effectiveness of their work
  • Describe key features of a hope-oriented, recovery and growth approach to suicide;
  • Understand a framework for finding and exploring recovery and growth opportunities in suicide experiences; and
  • Apply a Pathway to Hope (PaTH) model for setting and working toward recovery and growth goals. 

suicide to Hope helps implement Zero Suicide strategies

suicide to Hope makes a specific contribution to the provision and continuity of suicide care. It directly addresses two of the essential elements in the Zero Suicide framework proposed by the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (NAASP)—training to develop a competent, confident and caring workforce and engagement that helps people find safety-oriented pathways to care aligned with their needs. It also contributes to advancing other framework elements— providing leadership in building a safety-oriented culture and facilitating treatment that directly targets suicidality.

PURPOSE: Strengthen hope by aiding recovery and growth in persons with previous suicide experiences who are currently safe.
POSITIONING: Provide a sequel to suicide first-aid training that complements and enhances management, treatment and therapy by framing them within a recovery and growth perspective.
PARTICIPANTS: Clinicians and other professionals helping people understand and work through their suicide experiences toward a better quality of life.
FACILITATOR: One specifically trained suicide to Hope facilitator for up to 24 participants.

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suicide2HOPE - 1 day


1 day

$250.00 excl. GST

suicide2HOPE is a recovery and growth workshop is primarily designed for clinicians and other professional helpers who work with persons previously at risk of and currently safe from suicide. One day in length, this workshop provides tools to help these helpers and persons with experience of suicide work together to develop achievable and significant recovery and growth goals.

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